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Ms. Terry Teh

Graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Architecture from Canada Ryerson University, Terry was a young and blooming architect with a bright future back in 1982. She started working in a firm with many projects and soon after, was given the opportunity to work on a big project, now known as Sunway Pyramid. But before she could even begin drafting, in 1986 retrenchment hit due to economic crisis and she was relieve from the firm.

" Returning as a graduate from overseas made me think i was set for life with a great career, but i was wrong. I wasn't prepared for the economic crisis and market changes, most importantly I had no say of my job as an employee..."  Determined to be her own boss, Terry was introduced to several businesses and the insurance industry. Realizing the nature and purpose of insurance, she joined the industry and set sail from there on, never turning back.

Throughout the course of her career, she started afresh as a consultant and as her believes and values of the career strengthens, she promote to become a manager with the mission to build more people. With the recognitions of MDRT and MDA, Terry has built and nurtured more then 200 consultants. As of today, her company has 6 leading team units in operation, with astounding results of MDRTs & MDAs, and is still working on expanding further.

" This is a very meaningful career where you can achieve fulfillment and success through impacting lives. Till this day I am still here, with the heart in mind to build more young talents.."

Francis Lim

" I started this career back in 2003. From young, Terry has been dedicated in her work, supportive in her managerial position and building young leaders like me to excel in my career. I truly appreciate her patience and commitment towards the success of my team. Thank You in every aspect of my achievement in this career! "

- CEO of Elite Wealth Solutions

Ng Ai Tee

" I have been in this career for 20 years and i remember being the first consultant taken under Ms Terry's wings. It has changed my life and I'm truly grateful for her consistent guidance throughout the years.I now have a team of my own and will continue to achieve greater heights, Thank you! "

- CEO of Infinity Wealth Management & Advisory

Samantha Lee

" I was an industrial engineer before I ventured into this career back in 2001. It was through my sister's consultant that I was introduced to Ms Terry and from there on I took a turn in my career path. From training to managerial support, Ms Terry have guided me through thick and thin. For that I am truly grateful and will continue to excel with my team. "

- Pioneer Consultant, KL SAM

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