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Choose a Career in Financial Planning

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

When my dad was in his thirties, he bought life insurance just to support his friend - 30 years later he died in a hit and run accident.

It was suppose to be a Chinese New Year event of celebration of fireworks and smiles amongst relatives but instead it's met with tears and farewells.

It was a week later that when things have quiet down we found that my dad have bought life insurance that supported my mom. It’s a gift of love that we felt even though he was gone.

What I would like to impress upon you is that financial planning is essential in the world of uncertainty. As we step into society, we are required to manage our finance in relation to health, business, car, home, family and lifestyle. Yet the only place we get to learn about it is at home from our parents. Thus, after graduation why not be a financial planner? It is a very rewarding career of giving, where we secure families by helping them to protect, grow and distribute their wealth.

A Stable Career

Being a Wealth Consultant is the only thing certain in an uncertain world. As even though during tough times, just in 2017, the life insurance industry grew 3.8% in 2017 with with total premium volume recording RM10,119 billion reported by Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (LIAM).

People would always in need in protection as at different stages of live, from single to being married. The responsibility and commitment becomes incremental as you age and requires planning.  Hence wealth consultancy is a service high in demand career that can last a lifetime.

Unlimited Earning Potential

Most 9-5 careers have a ceiling on the earning potential and regardless of how much time and effort you put in, your earnings may not be justified.

However in the wealth consultancy line, with perseverance and self discipline, you have the potential to increase your earnings by triple and more. Not only will your earnings be proportionate to your effort, but additional benefits and incentives will be highly rewarded in recognition of your hard work!

As you embark on this career, you get to build your clienteles and network from various industry and sectors. You get to enrich their lives by helping them with their financial planning as you walk alongside and witness their marriages, newborn or even retirements.

In this career, building trust and providing the right services to your clients not only gives you monetary fulfilment, but as well as great personal growth in mindset and lifelong values.

Mentorship and Career Path

In the normal working corporate life, sometimes getting support from the superior might be a conflict of interest as there are limited positions available for a job promotion.

In wealth consultancy line, it is based on meritocracy system. The leaders want you to exceed and excel in your career and you would be supported in your career growth. Guided under your leaders wing and strong support from your teammates too.

You would be mentored by a leader who has walked the path. Who has been there and done that. You would be connected to mentors who will teach you what it takes to climb the ladder of success, giving you an opportunity for fast track career advancement.

As the famous football slogan goes, you will never walk alone.

Make a Difference

We are in the business in serving people’s business. You are giving them the gift of love and the peace of mind before crisis happens. For the busy working executive, she might have aging parents that depends on her support for retirement. By ensuring that she is prepared for unforeseen medical expenses, her parents do not need to fork out money from their retirement fund to save her.

For business man, you are able to put their mind at ease that their family is taken care of and their legacy lives on. And so that they can focus on the important things such as scaling their business to greater heights.

And the best part if crisis ever happens, despite tears or smiles and relief that they have you to ensure that they have their finance covered from the life insurance payout and be protected during this challenging times for them.

This is a profession that you can truly make a difference in people’s life.

At TLC, we constantly reach out to dynamic people who believes in transforming life through financial planning. We have a diverse and complex team. Have a look at the descriptions of the job positions in TLC Wealth Consultancy below.

-- Eugene Kok / Editor Audrey

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