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Our Coach & Mentor

Gordon joined the insurance industry in year 1989.

Back then he progressed from an agent to a successful manager leading his team to being top 1 in the company. 

In 2005 after 16 years into the business, he left the company and started his own Independent Financial Advisory (IFA) in Singapore - FINEXIS


Within the 1st year Gordon recruited 100 full time advisors and up till today the company has more then 500 consultants with 120 management staffs as supporting team.


Out of those 500 consultants, Gordon has produced more then 100 MDRTS, 10 COTS and 1 and only double TOT consistently every year without fail.

Mr. Gordon Hoo

 "On the production front, despite starting from scratch, Finexis recorded an accumulated First Year Premium (FYP) production between 2011 and 2013 of more than SGD 200M! As of 2012,they have acquired Asset under Advisory (AUA) of more than SGD 700M! This is widely accepted in the market as a feat unheard of in the history of the financial advisory industry."

In year 2010 after 5 years of great achievement, Gordon branched out and started Finexis Hong Kong.

Despite the intense competition, Finexis Hong Kong became one of the leading International Brokers dealing with clienteles of High Net Worth (HNW) across the region.

Today, Gordon has extended his focus pass the borders and spend most of his time traveling around the region as a professional coach. He has trained more then 200,000 agents and managers on how to build agencies with solid systems, and had been invited to more then 500 conventions and seminars to share his experience, such as Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, Philippines and so fort.


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