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About Us

Young. Passionate.Innovative 

Who We Are 

TLC Wealth Consultancy helps our clients achieve their financial goals and peace of mind by lifting the risk of uncertainties. We see ourselves as consultants, educators and friends of our clients where we take time to understand their individual needs and goals in mind. Then we custom design a personalized planning for our clients based on their current circumstances.

What We Do

We strive to improve and uphold our company's believe, which is -

" To provide our best services and contribute back to society by educating financial knowledge."

We focus on personalized risk management and financial planning to help clients achieve financial freedom upon retirement.Aspects mainly including but

not limited to:

Wealth Protection

Wealth Accumulation

Wealth Preservation 

Wealth Distribution 

Why Choose Us 

We believe in securing our clients & their family's well being, ensuring the preservation of their legacy to future generation.

We are constantly recruiting and building consultants, instilling a right culture by integrating family values and principles in each and everyone of our team members. 

Our Values

  • Integrity

We believe is the utmost important key to building a strong relationship with our clients.To feel confident and entrust your life long hard earnings in our care.

  • Transparency


  • Accountability

Our clients are able to see and understand every terms and clause before committing to any 

planning with TLC Wealth Consultancy.

We cultivate the habit of being accountable not just to our clients 

but as a team player in the company.

  • Passionate


We believe that our career carries meaningful purpose and being passionate about our job is one of the main key to understanding how important our role is as a consultant. 

  • Family relationships 


Family is the reason why we work hard to provide and protect. It is the source of love and support to urge our consultants to strive on despite facing any hardship. 

  • Life long learning journey      

To be constantly reflecting on 

ourselves and being aware of our 

personal growth is something that we strongly uphold.

We believe in helping all our 

consultants grow their businesses 

by providing opportunities to 

invest in themselves and partake courses. 



& Why 

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